Educational institution sans vaccinated staff to face music

Raza Naqvi

The educational institutions operating without Covid-19 vaccinated staff would face music as not only fine would be imposed upon the owners besides their registration would be cancelled accordingly.

The instructions were issued by deputy commissioner Attock Dr Imran Hamid Sheikh with a meeting with the representatives of private schools and college association Attock chapter on Thursday.

Additional Deputy Commissioner planning Ms Marzia Saleem, Chief executive District Health authority Dr Jawad Ellahi and office bearers of the schools association were also present on this occasion.

Mr Seikh said that the Punjab government had made coronavirus vaccination compulsory for the teachers, administration and other staff members of all the public and private schools.

“On May 29, the National Command and Operations Centre (NCOC) made Covid-19 vaccination mandatory for educational staff in order to ensure the safe continuation of the education sector”, he added.

He said that the NCOC had informed that vaccination of all teaching and non-teaching staff will have to be ensured and compliance is needed in this regard.

He said that the officials, who did not get themselves vaccinated, were not allowed to enter the premises of schools and any un-vaccinated staff found present in the premises would be dealt accordingly as not only fine would be imposed upon the owners besides their registration would be cancelled.

He that despite clear-cut orders for teachers and staff to get themselves vaccinated as soon as possible, most of the teachers and clerks were not interested in vaccination and there is a risk of the spread of Covid-19 through these unvaccinated persons, especially teachers.

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