ECP irked over President Alvi’s ‘choice of words’ in letter for elections date


ISLAMABAD – Pakistan’s top electoral watchdog responded to a letter by President in which the commission expressed reservations over words used by Dr Arif Alvi while addressing constitutional institution.

In the letter, the Election Commission of Pakistan maintained that President should have used a ‘better choice of words’, a day after Alvi summoned Chief Election Commissioner CEC Sikandar Sultan Raja for an urgent meeting on upcoming elections.

Responding to Alvi’s letter, Chief Election Commissioner apparently schooled Alvi, saying the tribunal has been fulfilling its job so far. “The office of the president is the highest constitutional body and the president is head of the state whereas all other constitutional and legal bodies are under constitutional obligation to offer utmost respect for the president,” the letter reads.

It maintained that the commission is aware of its constitutional obligations to organize and conduct the polls and has taken all steps. ECP further added that the constitution does not empower it to fix a date for elections to a legislature in case of dissolution.

ECP responded soon after Dr. Alvi summoned Sultan Raja for a meeting on February 20 for a consultation about the date of the next elections.