Dysfunctional hospitals in SW to be re-opened


District Health officer South Waziristan Dr. Inayat-ur-Rehman while talking to media in his office said on Wednesday that we have extracted and collected the data of almost all these employees who do not do their duty and take their salaries in homes.

Their salaries have been deducted and deposited in the government treasury he added. I tell these people that I will not come under any pressure or blackmailing from you. Everything will be done on merit and no one will be treated unfairly.

According to DHO, there are 102 total health centers in our tribal district of South Waziristan, of which 63 are functional and 39 are dysfunctional. In South Waziristan, 50 LHVs and two female MBBS doctors are paid at home and do not do their duty. In the end, DHO Wana said that “inshallah” no one will be abused and we will do everything according to the law.