Dr Yasmin receives donation from an Org.

Amraiz Khan

Punjab Health Minister Dr. Yasmin Rashid received donation given to three large hospitals of the Specialized Healthcare and Medical Education Department from a private organization on Wednesday.

Present on the occasion were Additional Secretary (Admin) Amir Hussain Ghazi, the representative of welfare organization Agahi Mubarak Ali Sarwar, CEO Nasreen Naz, Health Specialist Dr Sana and Dr Farooq Khan.

The donation includes 4 hand washing stations, 3 window curtain, 2000 PCR test kits, 4 biap machines, 12 nebulaizers, 12 suction machines, 12 pulse oxy meters, 4 cardiac machines, and 54 PPEs.

The donation has been distributed to mayo hospital, services hospital, and Mian Mir hospital.

The Health Minister said, “I am grateful to Agahi for this donation for three hospitals. In order to beat Corona Pandemic, all of us will have to work together.

We are trying our best to control the Pandemic. We are enhancing the capacity of the Punjab hospitals.

The vaccination of senior citizens at 126 centres shall continue. Brave Pakistani nation will beat the Pandemic under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

The staff at hospitals, doctors, nurses and paramedical staff is motivated to perform. I salute all martyred healthcare workers who sacrificed lines serving on the frontline.”

CEO Agahi Mubarak Ali Sarwar paid rich tribute to Health Minister for providing improved services during the Pandemic and said he will continue to support the Punjab government.

Minister asks people to get second dose in time
Punjab Health Minister Dr. Yasmin Rashid said here on Wednesday that senior citizens who got first dose of the Corona vaccine on 10th March must get second dose in time.

The Health Minister said, “The senior citizens must visit the same center where they got themselves vaccinated for first dose.

The centres will be open on Sunday as well. The second dose will be administered after 21 days of the first dose.

The adequate vaccine is available at vaccination centres.
For the vaccination of senior citizens, 126 centres have been set up in the province.

In the entire province, about 20,000 people are being vaccinated on daily basis. One million more doses are from China shortly.

There is no shortage of vaccine in Punjab. The registration process of vaccination of over 50 people age group has been started.
The department is using all available resources for vaccination of people.”