Dr Khizar Noshahi passes away



Our Correspondent

Renowned historian, writer and scholar Dr Khizar Hayyat Khan Noshahi passed away after a brief illness at the age of 65 late on Wednesday.

Dr Khizar Hayyat was born in Village Sahanpal of district Mandi Bahauddin in Punjab but owing to his heartfelt affiliation with Sufism and a keen interest in History he spent most of his time in Thatta visiting archaeological sites to research their significant historical background.

Dr. Hayyat was very much attached to the land of Sindh and for that, he started visiting historical venues across Sindh to write a consolidated history of Sindh.

He did his Ph.D. from Hamdard University Karachi on the writings of Mir Ali Sher Kane, an eminent writer of the 18th century.

The seasoned writer wrote different books regarding different cultures and traditions being practiced across the country. He also wrote a consolidated history of Sindhi and Balochi culture.

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