The domestic cricketers in Pakistan are reportedly still awaiting payments from the Pakistan Cricket Board despite the season nearly coming to its end.

According to a figure published in Cricinfo, the list includes 192 contracted players who have not received their retainers or even match fees during the season which started on August 30th.

The players have only been given their daily allowances.

However, all 33 centrally contracted domestic cricketers have been receiving payments according to their retainers regularly.

National T20 Cup and the Quaid-e-Azam trophy have already concluded with the ongoing Pakistan Cup the last remaining domestic tournament on schedule.

The governing body is said to be aware of the issue and has assured the players that the matter will be resolved soon.

According to PCB, an increased volume of cricket in the country is one of the reasons for the delay. Pakistan has finally begun hosting international matches in the country which has taken precedence over domestic contests.

Pakistan Junior League, another tournament hosted by the board itself, has diverted administrative resources elsewhere as well.

PCB has also approved an incremental increase in player salaries as well which has added to the delays too.

The players were also handed their contracts in mid-November as opposed to August which has not helped matters at all but almost 80% of players have signed their contracts and returned them and are hoping to get paid this month.