DMC South stages rally on Solidarity Day


On the occasion of Kashmir Day, a rally was organized by the District Administration South and South Polio team to show solidarity with the Kashmiri people.


The rally started from Three Swords Clifton and ended at KPT Underpass. Commissioner Karachi Naveed Ahmed Sheikh Deputy Commissioner South Irshad Ali Sodhar, Additional Deputy Commissioner Junaid Ahmed, Assistant Commissioners, NGOs including polio workers, representatives from various sectors participated. Addressing the rally participants on the occasion, Commissioner Karachi Naveed Ahmed Sheikh said that 5 February Day is celebrated globally as the symbol of the Kashmiris’ everlasting struggle for independence.


Pakistanis and Kashmiri people around the world reaffirm their commitment to show solidarity with the freedom fighters on this day.  They are fighting against barbaric atrocities and raising their awareness in front of a major power in the region and sacrificing their lives. Commissioner Karachi Naveed Ahmed Sheikh said that the heart of every Pakistani beats with its Kashmiri brothers and we Creative, political and diplomatic support will continue Solidarity rallies like the participation of polio workers in the national cause is welcome.


Deputy Commissioner South Irshad Sodhar said that Kashmir is the lifeblood of Pakistan and the day is not far when the blood of martyrs of Kashmir will be shed.  On this occasion, the participants of the rally waved the national and Kashmiri flags and chanted slogans of Pakistan.


They appealed to the United Nations to stop the ongoing atrocities in Kashmir and give them their right to self-determination.


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