Renovated Burns Road blooming with food cravers


Recent restoration and renovation of the Burns Road have brought back the “lost glory” of the area famous for delicious cuisines.


While the crumbling structures have been repaired and repainted, vehicles have been barred from entering the site post 7pm since January 10. Visitors now park vehicles at dedicated parking spaces, and only area residents and shopkeepers are allowed to bring in their automobiles.”I’m here after years. It looks completely different,” a visitor, said as his wife and children devoured fried kebab at Waheed Kabab House. “It’s clean, safe and attractive. You can freely walk on either side of the road without any fear,” he said, referring to the law and order situation in the port city, which has significantly improved in recent years.”Pizza, burgers, and other fastfood items may be the in thing nowadays but [traditional] desi food is insatiable,” said Waqas Ali, a final-year engineering student. “Safe, clean and colorful atmosphere, sumptuous food, and a balmy night… what else do you want?”


“This transformation has given a fresh lease on life to my business,” said an owner, whose fatherestablished this restaurant in 1961.


He has also renovated his restaurant, now with a proper dine-in arrangement for families as well. “We have made it better, which has brought back the customers,” he said.


Mohammad Khalid, who works at Delhi Rabri House, shared a similar view. “The number of customers has increased thanks to a conducive environment,” he said as buyers lined up at different glass counters.


“There is no noise or smoke from buses, taxis and rickshaws. Only revelers and food,” he said.


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