Discriminatory executive allowance


THE government on Monday notified the provision of 150 percent Executive Allowance for officers from Grade 17 to 22 working in the Federal Secretariat and Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) Administration. We understand that this allowance will further increase the disparity that already exists in the salaries and allowances of various departments.

There is no denying that the price hike has impacted the salaried class the most and they deserve relief but it should be across the board and for the employees of all ministries and their attached departments. It is really unfortunate that while the employees of certain powerful departments are enjoying high perks and privileges, those of others have been denied the same. The same is the case with this executive allowance which is nothing but totally discriminatory in nature.  Firstly because, the employees of lower grades have been deprived of this massive increase in salaries while on the other hand there will be certain departments which will not be entitled to it.  At present most of the departments are finding it difficult to even pay salaries and pensions to their employees. Given the contribution of Radio Pakistan in promoting the national role and countering the propaganda of our arch enemy, we really find it appropriate to highlight the plight of employees of the national broadcaster – an attached department of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.  Radio Pakistan pinches India so much that it has set up various radio stations to counter Radio Pakistan’s influence in border areas.  However, it is lamentable that our government officials do not give much importance to the national broadcaster anymore regardless of the fact it has a vast outreach as well as through its social media platforms, it is reaching millions of people.  We will suggest the government to address the financial issues of the national broadcaster. The recent order by the finance ministry that the employees of Radio Pakistan are not entitled to pension should also be withdrawn as the pension for them was approved by the federal government back in 1985. And then instead of creating more disparities, the government must focus on bringing uniformity in pay scales. A relief of one hundred and fifty percent on the pattern of executive allowance should also be given to the lower cadres.