DG ISPR snubs India’s claim of arresting police officer for helping Kashmiri fighters


Staff Reporter


Pakistan’s chief military spokesperson has rebuffed an Indian media report that a decorated Kashmir police officer was arrested for helping to transport ‘Hizbul terrorists’, calling it an ill-planned attempt to stage a false flag operation against Pakistan.
Tweeting from his private account on Sunday, Maj-Gen Asif Ghafoor said, “After failed drama of killing and mutilating a Kashmiri near LoC, ill-planned attempt for repeat of Delhi2001/Mumbai 2008 type false flag [operation] looks failed”.
He hoped that the results of investigations will be made public and arrested suspects would be found listed in an Indian jail.
According to Indian media reports, DSP Davinder Singh was apprehended late on Saturday when his vehicle was pulled over at a police checkpoint south of Srinigar. Singh, according to reports, had worked for the police for decades and was a member of an elite counter-insurgency force in the occupied territory. “The fast moving car was stopped and searched. Two ‘wanted militants’ and our officer… and a third person were arrested in the operation,” Kashmir police chief Vijay Kumar told reporters. Kumar said police and intelligence agencies were questioning Singh, accusing the officer of a “heinous crime”.
Security forces also claimed recovering guns and ammunition from several locations in the follow up to the arrests, including from Singh’s residence in Srinagar.
One of those arrested was identified as ‘Naveed Babu’, who the Indian police claimed was the deputy commander of a freedom fighters group, “Hizbul Mujahideen”.