Dehli rulers must refrain from politicizing sports activities


President Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) Sardar Masood Khan strongly condemning the Indian government for mounting pressure and threatening the international players coming to Muzaffarabad to participate in the Kashmir Premier League (KPL) and vicious propaganda against the KPL, has warned the rulers in Delhi to refrain from politicizing the sports activities.

In an interview with the Pakistan national broadcasting channel on Tuesday, he said that with the slogan of “play with freedom”, we have invited international players to play matches in Muzaffarabad under the KPL but India pressurizing the players not to go to AJK. India, he said must give up the policy of mounting pressure on every organization.

Sardar Masood asserted that India appears scared of the word “freedom” or it considers all organizations of the world as it’s subservient.—INP

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