Danish schools in Balochistan



IN what could be called an important initiative to empower the youth of Balochistan, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif at a ceremony in Sohbatpur district announced the construction of twelve Danish Schools in the province saying these will provide free of cost education and accommodation to the students.

Danish Schools project was the brainchild of Shehbaz Sharif when he was the Chief Minister of Punjab.

Initially this was described by many critics as a flashy white elephant project and a waste of precious resources.

However, the time proved them wrong and Shehbaz Sharif stood vindicated as this school system provided quality education to the children of underprivileged and backward areas who are now excelling in different fields, a reference of which was also made by the PM in his speech at Sohbatpur.

Now expanding the initiative to Balochistan is a step in the right direction and we are confident that this will bear the same fruit as the one witnessed in Punjab.

We believe that this education initiative was more required in Balochistan than in any other province given the backwardness of the province and the grievances of its people.

It is only through quality education that the Baloch people can be economically uplifted and empowered.

This will enable the Baloch youth to stand on their own feet and find job opportunities in diverse fields.

There should not be delay in putting this initiative on the ground rather the network of Danish schools needs to be spread in the whole province.

At the same time, we will also suggest both the federal and provincial governments to open more technical institutes where the Baloch youth should be given training in contemporary and market-oriented skills so that they could be assimilated in CPEC related projects.

We have no doubt in saying that Pakistan’s development is linked with the strategically located Balochistan province.

Hence, no effort should be spared in its development and addressing the grievances of its people.

We are confident that the revival of Reqo Diq project after the recent legislation in Parliament will also open new vistas of opportunities for the people of the province.