Curb human trafficking


ACCORDING to latest UN report released at the outset of this year, human trafficking is on the rise in the world and as such Pakistan is no exception. Given our socio-economic conditions, our youth is at greater risk of getting trapped in the hands of human traffickers. This is the reason that every now and then we continue to hear about deportation of illegal Pakistani migrants from different countries.
On Saturday, about 31 Pakistanis were found hidden in a lorry in southern France. According to French authorities, a group of Pakistani migrants was discovered during a routine check on a motorway near Italian border. The migrants, including three teenagers, were handed over to Italian authorities in accordance with immigration procedures. The fact of matter is that every year, thousands of our people use Iranian and Turkish route to enter Europe in search of a better future and working opportunities. Human traffickers use both frequented and unfrequented routes along the 900-kilometres long porous Pak-Iran border to sneak into Iran via Balochistan. There have also been incidents in which Pakistani immigrants lost their lives. Firstly, there is an urgent need to launch a comprehensive operation against masterminds, facilitators involved in these rackets and they should be given exemplary punishment. Then deployment of proper security at borders must be ensured in order to check all such illegal movements. Black sheep in the FIA should also be traced, as without their connivance traffickers cannot succeed in their designs.
Partnership between governments and private sector in preventing and fighting all forms of trafficking has become need of the hour. In this regard increased cooperation with Iran is essential. It is also important to create awareness amongst youth about the risks involved to their lives in illegal travelling to other countries. Youth must understand that human traffickers not only rob their pockets but also put their lives at great risk by resorting to illegal means. There is great demand of skilled workforce in Europe and many other countries and youth should equip themselves with right kind of training to go there by legal means and secure a job.

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