CPEC health corridor seeks inspiration from health China plan


As 2023 draws closer, CPEC’s newly announced health corridor set the direction to revamp and modernize Pakistan’s healthcare infrastructure, bioengineering, telemedicine, pharmacy, life sciences and medical market.

CPEC Health corridor has been announced in 2022. It has unleashed a new chapter of Sino-Pak synergic collaboration encompassing health domain. Luckily, CPEC has a robust model of “Health China 2030” to pursue to make things happen.

With Chinese cooperation, CPEC Health Corridor is likely to follow the policy that include training for primary health-care physicians, incentivizing high-quality and high-value care, integrating clinical care with basic public health services, and coordination between primary healthcare and hospitals.

Pakistan has a mixed health system that includes public, parastatal, private, civil society, philanthropic contributors, and donor agencies.

According to a survey by The Lancet, the performance of Pakistan’s healthcare system as a whole, places it 154th out of 195 nations.