Covid positivity ratio remains above 20 percent



The Covid positivity ratio in two districts of Pakistan remained above 20 percent in last 24 hours amid surge in cases, it was learnt on Thursday.

Twenty-two districts of the country are important to assess the coronavirus situation in the country, according to sources at the Ministry of National Health.

The sources shared that two districts in the country have reported over 20 percent COVID positivity ratio in last 24 hours including Rawalpindi and Karachi, while in seven other districts positive cases rate remained above 10 percent.

The highest test positivity ratio in country recorded in Rawalpindi with 23.93 percent, while in Karachi positivity rate remained 20.59 percent. Test positivity ratio in Skardu remained 19.42 percent, in Hyderabad 16.67 pct and 16.59 percent in Peshawar.

In Gilgit positive tests remained 9.26 pct, Muzaffarabad 9.85 percent, Mirpur 14.29, federal capital city Islamabad 10.55, Bahawalpur 11.4 pct, Mardan 8.86 pct, Lahore 7.51 pct and Abbottabad 7.65 pct and Diamir 6.42 percent, sources said.

The test positivity ratio in Swabi remained 5.88 pct, Faisalabad 4.27 pct and Quetta 4.37 percent, according to the sources.

Moreover, test positivity ratio in Swat remained 2.12 percent, Gujranwala 2.60 percent, Gujrat 1.82 and Charsadda 1.85 percent, the sources added.


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