Covid-19: Positive signs


THE country reported its lowest coronavirus positivity rate in three months at 3.58% on Friday as out of 52,859 tests conducted only 1,893 came back positive.

The last lowest COVID-19 positivity rate reported by the country was on February 28 at 3.02 per cent.

The drop in positivity rate is a significant development as only a few weeks back the situation was considered to be grave prompting the authorities to impose a number of restrictions to check the spread of the virus.

This is in sharp contrast to neighbouring India where 132,000 new cases of virus were reported on Friday besides 2,713 deaths caused by the pandemic.

In fact, a comprehensive approach adopted by the federal and provincial governments and greater awareness among people have contributed towards improvement in the situation.

It is all the more important to note that the authorities are not lowering their guards and necessary preventive and precautionary measures are still in place to keep the situation under control.

As supply side is improving, the Government has opened vaccination for all above eighteen years of age and rush of the people at vaccination centres is a testimony of growing realization among masses that there is no escape from immunization.

The decision to persuade government employees and their families to get them inoculated would, hopefully, convince others to follow the suit, making the goal of herd immunity an achievable target.

As a vaccine certificate is becoming a necessity for almost all citizens, this should be available online and free of cost without the need of visiting NADRA or making it yet another source of undue income for the Authority.