Covid-19: Pakistan’s death toll exceeds 22,000


According to official statistics provided by the National Central Command and Operation Center, Pakistan’s covid-19 death toll has exceeded 22,000 after 30 fatalities were recorded Monday morning, bringing the total to 22,007 deaths (NCOC).

Pakistan recorded its lowest daily COVID-19 death toll in over three months on Saturday. According to the NCOC, the virus claimed the lives of 27 individuals.

On March 21, the country’s lowest daily COVID-19 death toll was reported, with 20 individuals succumbing to the illness.

According to NCOC, about 34,754 coronavirus tests were conducted in the past 24 hours, with 907 positive results, bringing the overall caseload to 949,175.

The rate of coronavirus positive is 2.6 percent.

COVID-19 has claimed the lives of 22,007 individuals in the country so far, with 949,175 cases and 893,148 persons recovering from the virus. The total number of active cases is now 34,020.

Despite the fatal third wave that has caused devastation, the nation is reporting a gradual decrease in coronavirus infections.

Several areas of Sindh, including Hyderabad, ran out of vaccinations a day earlier as the government ramped up its immunization drive.

Due to a shortage of vaccinations, 40 percent of vaccination centers in Hyderabad and portions of lower Sindh were temporarily shuttered, according to the Sindh Health Department.

Meanwhile, individuals who were visiting the remaining vaccination centers were only able to receive the second dosage of the coronavirus vaccine.

The scarcity of vaccinations is being caused by the federal government’s failure to provide supplies to Sindh, according to the Sindh Health Department, with fresh stock scheduled to arrive by June 20.

According to the district health officer in Hyderabad, 21 immunization centers had run out of vaccine supplies.

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