Court orders LDA to vacate demolished Khokhar Palace

Observer Report

The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Tuesday ordered the district administration to immediately vacate the site of the Khokhar Palace and restrained the authority from any further action.
Chief Justice Muhammad Qasim Khan also directed the law officer to assist the court regarding the question of the property being demolished despite a stay order from the civil court.

The province’s top judge issued the verdict after hearing a plea filed by Khokhar brothers — MPA Malik Saiful Malook and MNA Malik Muhammad Afzal Khokhar — both belonging to Pakistan Muslim League-N.
The petitioners had challenged the demolition despite an interim stay order granted by the civil court.

The court suspended the action taken on Lahore deputy commissioner’s January 18 order, cancelling the lease of land on which the demolitions were carried out.

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