Mandviwalla: Billions defrauded via Broadsheet will be accounted for

Observer Report

Deputy Chairman Senate Saleem Mandviwalla said on Tuesday, that the fraud valued at billions against the nation on the Broadsheet issue, will be accounted for.
Responding to the statement of Chairman NAB, Deputy Chairman Senate Saleem Mandviwalla said that if his words carried any weight, NAB would have made some recovery by now.

Saleem Mandviwalla appreciated that Chairman NAB was visiting chambers and listening to the problems of the business community. He said that lists of businessmen who have closed down their businesses because of NAB and those who left the country will be sent to the Chairman.

Deputy Chairman Senate said that it is time for Chairman NAB to stop taking action against businessmen and women.He alleged that NAB only files false references and conducts media trials. Investments in the country have dried up due to unnecessary notices and fake references of NAB, he added.

He said that the Senate would openly discuss all activities of NAB as well as the serious issue of Broadsheet, in which the nation’s billions of rupees were defrauded.

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