Corruption, mother of all evils

Yasir Ali

At present, everything is making progress at a faster pace. With this fast advancement, corruption has become a global problem. It is in fact a universal problem having existed in all ages. The motive behind corruption is certainly a desire to get rich by any means. It has clung to mankind like an incurable disease. The corruption in Pakistan has hampered the progress of the country. When corruption is rife in any country, the social and economic conditions become deteriorated.
Due to corruption; pessimism dominates optimism, nepotism conquers meritocracy, national sectors become stagnant, morality fades away, hopes are shattered and the economy is in shambles. These are the mere factors which give birth to chaos, confusion and recession. History immortalizes the nations that remain consistent towards moral deeds and persistent in the pursuit of progressive means. The countries whose educational institutions fall prey to this depravity are absolutely in the state of devastation. The countries whose hospitals become the death houses due to corruption, are dashed into the mire. The countries whose courts are unable to do justice due to corruption, are doomed to disaster. The countries whose police get involved in corruption witness the destruction.
Earlier In our country, few sectors were notorious for corruption but now the evil has spread to almost every department of government. Even courts of justice, health and education sectors are no exception. They have also become an arena of corruption. Widespread corruption has created quite a stir and pushed the country towards the verge of death. Corruption decreases respect for law and allegiance to the government. It is directly proportional to country’s downfall. Why America, England, Russia, France and other vigorous International communities are adamant to exchange trade services with Pakistan? It is only because of growing corruption. That is why the National Action Plan came into being to sort this problem out, so that we could move towards sustainable development in region. I must quote one of authoritative sayings of Prophet Ibrahim, as saying, ‘’Sustainable economy is first and foremost thing to be achieved in any country which comes only by moral conduct.”

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