Politics of reconciliation


THE country is currently passing through the most difficult times of its history due to the unprecedented health challenge posed by Coronavirus as well as the locusts ravaging our crops and orchards in all the four provinces. Indian belligerence on the other hand poses another major threat.
The situation warrants a united stance on the part of our political parties in order to effectively deal with the multidimensional challenges but the regrettable part is that both the government and the opposition are not ready to shun the political point scoring at this critical juncture. Talking to a private channel the other day, Minister for Information and Broadcasting Shibli Faraz said the PPP and the PML (N) are playing politics and they want to see worsening situation and destruction of economy. In budget sessions of Parliament, the opposition has been seen criticizing the government for incompetence rather than putting forward concrete suggestions to deal with the current situation. Firstly, we understand that there should not be any politics on the issue of economy. In fact it is the right time that the parties reach a broad-based consensus on national economy and none other than Prime Minister Imran Khan should take the initiative and invite national leadership to agree on the broad contours of charter of economy. As far as corruption cases against some leaders are concerned let the law take its own course and if leaders are found guilty they should be punished. It is a fact that every government goes to the International Monetary Fund and every opposition criticizes it but do the same when they come to power. So, the PTI government is not different from the PML-N or the PPP in this connection. But there are issues which need to be dealt with above political consideration and which directly affects common man. It is time to bury the politics of blame game over who was responsible for the economic condition and who is not. Political parties need to demonstrate greater maturity and responsibility and pursue the course of reconciliation to find solution to the problems faced by the people. Responsibility of bringing down the political temperature rests with the government.