Corn turns to be popular winter delight


With the constant dipping of mercury and the arrival of the winter season, different corners of the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad are echoing the voice of corn sellers with their three-wheeled carts attracting people of all ages, especially children.

The aroma of corn and firewood rising from the wood-fired stove attracts food lovers as well as diet-conscious people. During the season, the corn hawkers can be found in every corner especially outside educational institutions, markets and offices, offering roasted corn kernels heated in the sand and sprinkled with lemon and spices. “The traditional winter delicacy of hot corn has always remained a favorite for my kids and they use to buy it almost every day,” said a mother while talking to a state run news agency. She said that all other snacks available for children in their schools and outside are not healthy but these hot corns are hygienic as well as a healthy snack for my children.

Muhammad Shafeeq, a college student while sharing his views said that corn always remains the first and favorite choice for us as a snack but recent inflation also increased the prices of corn and vendors are also fleecing the buyers by charging high.