Conspiracy being nurtured to make PTI fight with institutions foiled: Cheema


Adviser on Information Omar Sarfraz Cheema said that the hopes of the political opponents have been dampened who were pinning hopes for Imran Khan’s disqualification. Omar Sarfaraz Cheema in a statement said that Imran Khan and PTI have always given respect to the courts and the Honourable Judges. Another conspiracy being nurtured by the opponents to make the PTI fight with the institutions has been foiled.

Adviser on Information highlighted that independence of the judiciary, superiority and sovereignty is part of the manifesto of PTI. Imran Khan jointly with the lawyers community laid the foundation of Judiciary freedom movement in 2007.Omar Sarfraz Cheema stated that stopping Shah Mehmood Qureshi from meeting with the farmers is a condemnable act. The federal government is now so much afraid of the farmers that even to show solidarity with them is being hampered. Adviser on Information said that the PDM government has caused irreparable loss to the agriculture sector by greatly increasing the prices of petrol, diesel, fertiliser and electricity. The Shehbaz-Zardari government is committing economic murder of the farmers by their anti-farmer policies. He stated that the demands of the farmers are absolutely due and the PDM gang should stop exploitation of the farmers. The progress of agriculture and prosperity of the farmer is the foremost priority of PTI. The agriculture sector was progressing at 4.4% during the PTI tenure and the incompetent federal government caused irreparable loss to the agriculture sector in three months.

Besides, Adviser on Information Omar Sarfraz Cheema participated as a chief guest in the farewell ceremony being organized in the honour of retired Senior Pictorial Officers Muhammad Yousaf and Abdul Wahid at the DGPR office. Director General Public Relations Punjab Afraz Ahmed, other officers and staff members participated in the ceremony. Adviser on Information Omar Sarfraz Cheema while addressing the ceremony said that the DGPR officials by adapting themselves with the changing circumstances earn a good name for the department. He appreciated that the officers getting retired not only performed their duties with dedication but also contributed their part in imparting excellent training to the junior officers for which the department is thankful to them.


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