Conference on challenges faced by Afghan refugees held


A one-day stakeholders conference on Political and Socioeconomic challenges faced by Afghan Refugees was conducted in Institute of Management Sciences, sponsored by Friedrich

Naumann Foundation, a German organization working for facilitation of Afghan Refugees. The welcome remarks for ceremony were given by Director of Institute of Management Sciences, Dr. Muhammad Mohsin Khan, setting the pace for participants and guest speakers by raising some very thought provoking points.

Dr. Babar Ali Shah, Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies at University of Peshawar, was guest speaker of the event. Shedding light on the socioeconomic challenges faced by the Afghan refugees in Pakistan, he informed participants about the unique geo-political location of Afghanistan being beneficial if used to advantage and also mentioned foreign invasions and domestic turmoil as hindrance in the stabilization of Afghanistan.

Ms. Saira Bano from UNHCR Peshawar, discussed the educational interventions by International Organizations for young Afghan refugees.

She discussed the duties and services that UNHCR has already provided and will continue to provide for Afghan refugees.

She went into detail about the organized educational approach that UNHCR is providing to the 34,000 primary-level Afghan students living in refugee camps and encouraged female students to participate.

Speaking on the occasion, Director Pak-Afghan Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PAJCCI), Zia-ul- Haq Sarhadi said good relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan and very imperative for ensuring better

law and order besides promotion of commerce and trade in the region.

He highly appreciated 15 days training programme arranged by IMSciences for Afghan students and said such initiatives will help a lot in socio-economic uplift of Afghan refugees.