Concern expressed over new construction policy



In occupied Kashmir, APHC leader and the Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Social Peace Forum, Advocate Devinder Singh Behl has expressed grave concern over the new construction policy approved by the authorities.
Advocate Devinder Singh Behl in a statement issued in Jammu said that the policy had paved the way for Indian forces to occupy Kashmiris’ lands and carry out construction and other activities.
Devinder Singh Behl said that the purpose of the policy was to illegally occupy the land of Kashmiris and to build permanent settlements for Indian troops. He said that the Indian authorities were well aware of the fact that the Kashmiri people would not sell their property to non-Kashmiris and that was why they had adopted the policy to forcibly deprive them of their lands. The Kashmiri people will not allow this project of India to succeed under any circumstances and will continue their struggle, he maintained.
Commenting on the arrests of Hurriyat leaders by the occupying forces, Devinder Singh Behl said that India could not suppress the Kashmiris’ liberation movement through arrests and other cheap tactics. He said that the authorities should be ashamed that they were so scared of an elderly and aged leader, Mohammad Ashraf Sahrai that they arrested him illegally and detained him under draconian Public Safety Act (PSA).
The Hurriyat leader also condemned the arrest of Farooq Ahmed Tawheedi and other Hurriyat leaders and the unjustified raids on the homes of Hurriyat leaders by the Indian forces. He said that the wife of illegally detained Hurriyat leader, Muhammad Yasin Attai had passed away recently and Yaseen Attai was not brought to participate in the last rites of her wife.
He said that the authorities violated international law because if a close relative of a detainee dies, the administration immediately releases the detainee on parole to attend the last rites.—KMS

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