Commissioner fails to control milk prices


In a time of unrelenting inflation, the Karachi commissioner has failed to control the increasing milk prices in the provincial capital.

The price of milk has reached to Rs200 per litre in Karachi but the city administration is only carrying out show-off operations against the profiteers.

In December 2021, commissioner Karachi fixed the milk price at Rs 120/ litre but the commodity was being sold at Rs180 per litre in the city.

Recently, the Dairy and Cattle farms Associations jacked up milk prices by Rs20 per litre, taking the new rate to Rs200 in the metropolis.

Despite imposing heavy fines, dairy products are being sold at high prices in the retail market, which is causing problems for the already inflation-hit people.

Earlier, Karachi Dairy and Cattle Farmers Association jacked up the milk price by Rs20 per litre in the city.

They said we were compelled to increase the milk price due to increase in the fares of the vehicles used for the transportation of milk and in the rates of dairy farm items.

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