Commandant KR visits Sado Khel blast victims



Nasib Shah Shinwari

The commandant Khyber Rifles Col.Rizwan Nazeer went to the house of Sado Khel blast victims where he offered condolence to Shafiq Afridi who lost his four children including his wife and a relative.

According to the Khyber Rifles spokesman, this morning, Col.Rizwan Nazeer went and met with Shafiq Afridi, whose four children and wife died in the blast.

The official said that a cheque of one million rupees was also given to the bereaved family and the security force officials expressed solidarity and sympathy with the blast victims family.

Some three days ago, the children of Shafiq Afridi, a mentally disable and a poor labour, had brought some unexploded mortar shells to home which later exploded and killed his wife, two sons and a daughter.

The victim family guardian Shafiq Afridi acknowledging the mistake made by his children in a video recording saying that his children had brought the mortar shell mistakenly which caused the death of his four family members.


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