Cluster ammunition: India should face UNSC wrath


INDIA has lost all respect for humanity and international laws and it is doing this with complete impunity. After using pellet guns and chemical weapons against innocent and armless Kashmiri people in occupied Kashmir, it has gone a step further in its brutality when last week Indian military used cluster ammunition to target civilian population in Azad Kashmir across the Line of Control. Indians on the night of July 30-31 targeted innocent citizens including women and children in Neelum Valley through artillery using cluster ammunition. The attack left two civilians, including a 4-year-old boy, dead and 11 others were critically injured.
Use and production of any cluster ammunition is completely banned under the convention on Cluster munitions which was adopted back in May 2008 and by targeting civilian population with highly lethal ammunition, New Delhi has openly committed flagrant violation of international rules, regulations and this outrageous act should not go unnoticed. How does the world community especially the UN Security Council reacts to it is yet to be seen. But it is also for Pakistan to not only brief the diplomatic corps in Islamabad about the use of this banned ammunition along the LoC but also take up the issue effectively and strongly at the UN Security Council with all the proofs after taking into confidence friendly countries. Appropriate sanctions should be imposed on New Delhi for resorting to use of banned ammunition, which can only be expected from an arrogant and extremist government.
India is in a state of panic ever since the successful visit of Prime Minister Imran Khan to the United States and then being elbowed out of Afghan peace process. Importance and relevance now being given to Islamabad is not digestible to Indian side and that is why it is venting out its frustration and anger through troops build-up and increased violence in occupied Kashmir and by boiling up the situation along the Line of Control by resorting to unprovoked firing. With such acts, it stands once again vindicated that Kashmir is potentially the most dangerous place on earth and possible flashpoint of a nuclear war. World can no longer turn its back to the long outstanding dispute and the way solution of Afghan conflict is being sorted out by involvement of Pakistan, US, Russia and China, same modus operandi should be used to resolve the Kashmir dispute after taking on board real stakeholders i.e. Kashmiri people.

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