Climate change

Aiman Jahangir

Recent climatic changes show that our current agricultural practices need to be changed with the increase in day temperature. For example, if there is a rise of two-three degree Celsius in the day temperature then instead of watering the plants every 21 days, watering at every 15 days will prove to be a better option, in order to minimize the heat effect on the yield of the crop.
However, the best option remains the cultivation of temperature tolerant varieties of plants under these circumstances. Though the situation is not much serious now a days, but the things many turn out to be cumulative and very severe if we do not take appropriate measures to combat this change in the climatic conditions and to minimize its effect of the agriculture production.
On the available previous database of the temperature changes, in particular peak temperature during the day, and current year temperature, government can look forward to take appropriate suggestive or executive measures. I think this step will be in a direction to at least sustain if not increase current crop production.

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