Clerics in Kabul called for inclusion of women in coming gathering



Anticipating the “Gathering of Islamic Clerics,” expected to be held on Wednesday, a number of politicians and residents asked that the Islamic Emirate invite women as well as representatives from all Afghan ethnic groups.

“A decision and consultation must be taken to solve the problems and involve the people in the government to determine their fate,” said Sayed Ishaq Gilani, leader of the Afghan National Solidarity Movement.

“One of the demands is that the decisions should be taken for the creation of an inclusive government that represents different ethnic groups,” said Sayed Javad Hosseini, a political analyst. Details of the gathering have not yet been made public, but sources say the reopening of girls’ schools will be one of the issues raised at the event.

Sources said the gathering will take place Wednesday at the Loya Jirga Hall in Kabul and around 3,000 people from all provinces of Afghanistan will attend.

Meanwhile, security preparations have been ramped up. “There is a lot of rushing around outside. The security forces check everything at every crossroads, because of the Loya Jirga,” said Toryalai, a resident of Kabul. “The security forces have made problems for the people, they say all these preparations are for holding the Loya Jirga,” said Ali Zubair, a resident of Kabul.

Eleven months after the re-establishment of the Islamic Emirate in the country, this is the first nationwide gathering of Islamic clerics in the country.

One of the main demands of the international community is the formation of an inclusive government.

The Islamic Emirate’s spokesman, Zabiullah Mujahid, said that the Islamic Emirate’s leadership decided to hold the gathering following the call of many clerics to convene such a gathering.

“Holding such a gathering in the current situation will be very important and fundamental for the people of Afghanistan in finding a basic solution,” said Sayed Haroon Hashemi, a political analyst.

According to sources, there won’t be any television coverage of the event, only radio. Even on Tuesday, media outlets were not allowed to report on the preparation for the gathering.—Tolonews

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