City cannot move forward unless we eliminate negative thinking: Wahab



Arts Council held launching ceremony of “Baldiya Karachi: Saal ba Saal 1844 se 1979 tak” authored by Bashir Saddozai, the former director of Media department KMCAdministrator Karachi Murtaza Wahab graced the event with his presence while president of the Arts Council M. Ahmed Shah, Toseef Ahmed Khan, Sardar Nazakat, Dr. Saif-ur-Rehman, S.M Shujah, Rauf Akhter, and author Bashir Saddozai accompanied him on stage.

Addressing the ceremony administrator Murtaza Wahab said, “my impression of KMC was negative until I visited there but now I am the spokesperson not only of the Sindh Government but also of the KMC and now I have to serve not only the city but also the KMC staff.”

The presence of a large number of people proves that Bashir Saddozai has worked hard for this city.

I own this city because I was born and raised here. Development is not possible unless we as citizens own this city.

Adding further he said that the problem with this city is that everyone criticizes instead of focusing on their work. We have to admit that there has been a decline.

We cannot move forward unless we eliminate negative thinking. Improvements come in years, not in a few days. We have to set the direction.

We have to work together for this cityIt should be noted that Bashir Saddozai has served in Karachi Metropolitan Corporation for forty years and in this book he documented the 35+ years of history and progress of KMC.

Speaking on the occasion M. Ahmed Shah, President of the Arts Council said “This city has seen a lot of grief and sorrow.

If we look at the history of the city then we will realize that this city was vigorous till the late 70s. Later, the institutions of art and culture were shut down and it changed everything.Praising the author Mr. Shah further said that he is a passionate and dedicated person.

He is a man who retired after doing his job with dignity for years and this proves him a great human being.

Those who want to read the history of this city should read this book. Bashir is still working on the city’s history from 1975 to the present.

Dr. Saif-ur-Rehman, Principal Secretary to the Governor of Sindh and former Metropolitan Commissioner of Karachi Municipality, said that if the book had been published in the United States or Europe, it would have been very important. Bashir Saddozai is a professional officer.

He said that this book contains such incidents of the past which made him happy to read, this book should be translated into English so that the history of Karachi and especially the services of Karachi Municipality could reach all over the world.

“Karachi Metropolitan is a great cooperation of this great city, I have been associated with this organization for forty years and I tried to gather the things this cooperation has given to this city and the fragmented history of this organization in one place,” said author Bashir Saddozai.

He said I am overwhelmed to say that this book has gained popularity among the literary community in a short time.

I am grateful to everyone who came here and especially to Ahmed Shah who has shown his personal interest in organizing this event.Ahmed Chinoy said that this book will help in understanding Karachi.

It is an informative book. Reading it will change our thinking. Karachi is the heart of Pakistan. Karachi’s revenue is running the whole country.

Munawar Saeed, vice-president of Arts Council Karachi, said: “Looking at Bashir Sadduzai, I remembered my neighborhood” Sadu “and he is a very friendly and loving person. I had no idea that Bashir Sadduzai could write such a good book.

Yes, his book is very good and huge and it is a great thing that such a large number of people gathered at the launch of a book which is proof of the popularity of Bashir Sadduzai.


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