Citizens suffer as bakeries, stores closed on Sunday to save energy


All the bakeries and general stores across Lahore city were closed by the district administration on Sunday as part of the Punjab government’s power saving campaign.

Citizens complained that the district administration deprived the lively people of Lahore from traditional breakfasts, sweets and other meals on holidays. Children’s favorite cakes and pastries also went out of their reach due to the closure of bakeries and other shops.

Talking to media, a citizen said that he visited two or three bakeries to buy a cake for his mother’s birthday, but he could not find one.

“How much electricity will be saved by closing the bakeries during day time?” questioned another citizen.

“We used to have breakfasts outside on Sundays, but the district administration has deprived us of this too,” citizens complained.

“It is incomprehensible to close breakfast points, bakeries and general stores as part of power saving campaign,” they said.

“We used to by ration from general stores on holidays, but now the district administration has made it difficult for us to do shopping on holidays,” they complained.

It is to be noted here that the district administration officials and police personnel patrolled in different areas of the city to ensure implementation of the Punjab government’s orders of shops’ closure.

Lahore Deputy Commissioner Umar Sher Chattha said that the wholesale and retail stores, bakeries, general stores, warehouses, shopping malls, private offices and warehouses would remain closed on Sunday.


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