Chinese Vaccine proved safe and effective, says trial participants

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Chinese Vaccine proved safe and effective, says a number of Pakistanis who recently went through its clinical trial, China Economic Net (CEN) reported on Wednesday.
The clinical Trials was conducted at solely public sector institution, the University of Health Sciences (UHS) officially approved by the government of Pakistan under strict guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO).

“After 48 days of vaccination so far, my physical condition is 100 percent fit. My body has not observed any change,” said Mr. Hussain, 54, who is a test subject amongst total of 18000 trial participants who received shots of CanSino during Pakistan’s first-ever massive Phase-III (Last Stage) Clinical Trials.

“There was a bit sporadic feeling of nausea and throat nuisance but it lasted only a few seconds. Throughout the time span, my health stays uncompromised. Physical fitness is up and I am not running a fever or other medical issues,” he says loud and clear.
He appreciated organizers for staying in touch with trail participants seeking feedback to get well-informed about the day-to-day sensitivities of volunteers. “Such practices inculcate a sense of satisfaction among the trail participants that they are not used just as lab subject. This gives a sense that organizers prefer their wellness to other motives,” he added.

Another couple, trial participants, seeking anonymity say that before they were inoculated with China-made CanSino, they were skeptical about the medial impacts of the vaccination under the influence of a barrage of misinformation.

“Later having convinced by other trail participants and seeing healthy results, we prayed to God and got administered the shots. God be praised we are still hale and hearty,” the couple smiled.

UHS is the only state-owned institution in Pakistan that has been conducting the last stage Clinical Trial with participants belonging to different age groups, gender, social strata, and living environment.

The rest of the four are private medical research centers engaged in Phase-III Clinical Trial. They are Agha Khan Medical University, Karachi, Shaukat Khanam Hospital (Lahore), Shifa International Hospital (Islamabad), and Indus Hospital (Karachi).

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