Chinese suggest how to prevent floods


A delegation of Chinese disaster management experts submitted their preliminary report on the damage caused by the recent floods in Pakistan and suggested measures to prevent similar disasters in the future.

According to Gwadar Pro, an 11-member delegation led by Xu Xianbiao of the Department of Flood Control and Drought Relief of the Ministry of Emergency Management of China submitted the report after visiting various flood-affected areas of Pakistan.

The delegation also included experts from the Ministry of Water Resources of China and the Meteorological Administration of China. According to the Gwadar Pro report, the heaviest rainfall since 1961 affected 84 districts, or one-third of Pakistan’s total area, affecting about 33 million people, or one-seventh of the country’s total population. The report stated that Pakistan has not been able to deal with the post-disaster situation alone. It said that southern parts of the country are still inundated.—INP

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