China’s prompt goodwill gesture



CHINA said on Wednesday it welcomed the end of “three weeks of anarchy” in Afghanistan with the establishment of a new interim government in Kabul, calling on the Taliban to restore order in the country.

Its Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said during a news briefing China attaches great importance to the announcement by the Taliban of the establishment of an interim government and some important personnel arrangements, expressing readiness of Beijing to maintain communication with the leaders of the new Taliban government in Afghanistan, calling its establishment a “necessary step” in reconstruction.

The remarks of the spokesperson are reflected of China’s deep commitment and sincerity to the cause of peace and development in the war-torn Afghanistan.

These also convey a positive and reality based understanding of the ground situation in Afghanistan, which should serve as a role model for other countries that still have biased posture towards the Taliban despite a whole range of positive overtures aimed at allaying domestic and international concerns on different issues of interest.

Non-interference in the internal affairs of other sovereign countries is the hallmark of China’s foreign policy and the statement of the Foreign Ministry spokesperson on Afghanistan, once again, confirms this policy.

As against the policy of crude military intervention by some countries, China believes in sorting out differences through mutual consultations and dialogue and that is why Beijing has expressed the hope that the Taliban would “pursue moderate and steady domestic and foreign policies, resolutely crack down on all kinds of terrorist forces, and get along well with all countries, especially neighbouring countries”.

The collaborative approach adopted by China needs to be emulated by other countries to encourage the Taliban Government to stick to the agenda they have so far pledged to pursue.


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