China to help Pakistan in locust control


Salahuddin Haider


China rushed a team of highly qualified experts on the request of Pakistan government to help it contro locust invasion, which caused considerable damage to crops this year, and also supply technical and other assistance for protecting itself from Coronavirus. The entire panel of half a dozen experts was introduced to the media at a local hotel on Tuesday by the new Chinese consul general Li Bijian.
They gave details of their plans to prevent such disastrous recurrences in future and revealed that the panelists has already visited Thar area in Sindh, were rushing to Balochistan soon after the media briefing, before going to Punjab and other cities to study the situation. During their tour, discussions with Pakistani experts of agriculture, plant protection, and related fields, which partially has already been held, and is to continue for some more days. Members explained that locusts are bred and in Africa and India and with season’s winds invade Pakistan, as had happens this year.
But Chinese will equip the Pakistanis with latest techniques, instruments, and with their experiences in overcoming the situation in sustained manner. Locusts mainly attack wheat, maize, citrus fruits, and some other eatables, whose prevention is necessary because it harms the country’s economy, and had to b dealt with sincerity of purpose to ensure food security for the people in Pakistan. The panelists remarked that China will supply technological expertise, know how, and all other measures which could help Pakistan draw short and long term plans for sustained results.
The Chinese Consul general, a gem of a person, told the press that his colleagues in Beijing were already working to supply vaccines, and other medical help to overcome the Coronavirus, which he emphasized was controllable, treatable,.
These kits and vaccines will start arriving in Pakistan within a week. He said China itself was deeply concerned, and research work is on to reach to its roots, for it ahs alreadu caused enough damage to life and cause security concern in China and other countries of the world.