China says French claims on Uighur rights are ‘lies’


Our Correspondent


French claims about the imprisonment of ethnic and religious minorities in China’s Xinjiang region were unacceptable, Beijing said Wednesday, calling the accusations as “false”..
Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin told a regular press briefing on Wednesday that “China has repeatedly responded to and clarified false reports and accusations on Xinjiang-related issues”.
He added that Xinjiang issues were not about human rights, religion or ethnicity but about “countering violent terrorism and separatism”.
“About so-called lies that Xinjiang restricts religious freedom and suppresses Muslims… the truth is that recently, some politicians and media in the US and the west have stigmatised Xinjiang’s lawful fight against terrorism and extremism,” Wang said.
“We firmly oppose the politicisation of religious issues and the use of religious issues to interfere in China’s internal affairs,” he added.

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