‘Children’s Literature & New World’ Session held at arts council 



In the third session on the second day of the 14th International Urdu Conference held at Arts Council of Pakistan in Karachi, the speakers in the session titled “Children’s Literature and New World” said that children’s literature is very important.

Like other writers, writers working on children’s literature should be given importance. Even great writers writing on other subjects should give some time to children’s literature. At the government level also, children’s literature should be given importance.

The award is presided over by renowned poet and intellectual Mahmoud Sham. While children’s writers Ali Hassan Sajid, Saleem Mughal, and Romana Hussain also addressed the function. Shama Zaidi was the director of the book.

In his address, President Mahmood Sham said that it is very gratifying that the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi has introduced children’s literature at the 14th World Urdu Conference.

This is the reason why this event has been organized on such a large scale, he said, adding that children’s literature should not be limited to coloring or understanding the puzzles but should go further.

It is very important that primary education More attention should be paid to training from now on, he said, adding that a corner of children’s books is reserved in shops all over the world because in that world it is well understood that the foundation of success or failure of a nation is laid in childhood.

Yes, the state is there, both the mother and the father, if the parents are negligent in the training of the children, then the state takes custody of the child for better upbringing, Ali Hassan Sajid said that as long as the children are present, the children The literature will survive, he said, adding that it is important to be familiar with the psychology of children so that they can choose the right things for them. He said that children’s literature needs to be given importance at the government level.

At present, about 30 to 35 children’s magazines are published but this is not enough. It is a pity that children’s writers have not been invited to any national conference to date and they have not been given any medal at the government level for their work on children’s literature.


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