Child laborers denied schooling due to poverty



Children interviewed by TOLOnews said they work until the late hours of the day with little pay but still cannot meet family expenses, for this reason they are not able to go to school.

Sefatullah is one of the hundreds of children who work on the roads of Kabul and he said his family has economic challenges so he carries goods on the roads.

His mother said that poverty is the reason she cannot send her children to schools.

“These children have to go to school, so mothers become free from anxiety,” said Farida, Sefatullah’s mother.

“My father is sick, and my brothers are older, if I go to school who will be the breadwinner for them,” said Sefatullah, a child worker.

Not only Sefatullah but other children work on the roads of the capital from morning till evening to pay for food.

“I ask the Islamic Emirate to help us to go to schools,” said Farshad, a child worker.

Children’s rights activists called on the government to make a plan to improve this problem.

“We hope that the current government pays attention to these children and makes a basic plan to oust them from this bad situation,” said Maryam Marouf Arwin, a children’s rights activist.

Afghanistan’s Independent Human Rights Commission expressed concern about the situation of child laborers and said that more than 2 million children are doing hard work.

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