Five schools reopened for girls above 6th grade in Paktia



Five schools for girls have been reopened by tribals elders in Paktia and girls now have the opportunity to attend as the school year in warmer climate areas has begun.

Students of the province are happy about this action and asked that schools be opened for girls across the country.

“This is a good move that schools above 6th grade are open for girls, and people are happy about this action and ask the government to open all schools across the country,” said a Paktia resident.

“I hope that all schools across the country become open so our nation’s girls are able to continue gaining knowledge,” said Eman, a student.

Meanwhile, the head of information and culture of Paktika said that in the past two days some schools have been opened in the province and he added that they have not received an official order in this regard.

“In the past few days, some schools opened in Gardez and Semkani district and school principals invited students to schools,” said Khaliq Yar Ahmadzai, head of the Information and Cultural Directorate in Paktia.

It has been one year that schools have been closed for girls in the country, and the Islamic Emirate said on several occasions that they will decide about reopening schools for girls but still no decision has been made.—Tolonews

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