Faryab man arested for fatally shooting sister


Local sources in the province of Faryab in northern Afghanistan told the media that a man had been arrested for the murder of his sister in Maimana, the province’s capital.

Reports say that the murderer, who goes by the name Hamidullah, shot and killed his young sister on the 6th of September, Tuesday evening in Maimana city’s second district.

After killing his sister, the murderer allegedly tried to flee, but he was apprehended by Taliban government forces in Maimana city’s exit entrance with the gun he materialized the criminal act, according to the Taliban authorities. The sources further report that this young man told the police that his sister, who was married, had an affair with an unmarried man and eloped some time ago, which is why he committed the murder, for the honor.

Earlier, a man killed his married sister and another polygamous married man in late August in Faryab province, with a Kalashnikov rifle after they had adulterous affairs while her husband was away.

The Faryab police said that the woman’s brother shot both victims while they were engaging in sexual relations, using a Kalashnikov. Both of them were married, but not to one another.

Domestic violence, personal animosity, family blood feuds, and illicit relationships have all increased recently, leading to an increase in tragedies, homicides, target killings, and honor killings.—Tolonews

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