Chicken meat price skyrockets to Rs700per kg as inflation bites


RAWALPINDI – Already distressed Pakistanis are now being deprived of having chicken meat as the price of broiler chicken meat in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad has skyrocketed to nearly Rs700kg.

As people in the country of over 220 million are skipping meals amid a worsening economic crisis, the affordability of chicken meat becomes a thing of the past with its price touching record high.

It was reported that prices of chicken in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, and some other cities have reached an all-time high, with a kilogram of poultry meat selling for Rs700-705. In the country’s second most populous city Lahore, the chicken meat price is hovering between Rs550-600 per kg.

The prices skyrocketed as people associated with poultry business owners hinted at the closure of several in wake of feed shortage.

The latest statistics from Sensitive Price Indicator revealed a huge surge in the price of food items.

Chicken meat prices go beyond people’s reach