Chechen President Ramazan Kadyrov writes to PM Imran: expresses his gratitude for Khan’s visit to Russia

Ramzan Kadyrov, President of the Chechen Republic, and Imran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Chechen President Ramazan Kadyrov has written a thanksgiving message to Prime Minister Imran Khan and expressed his gratitude and affection for the Premier’s visit to Russia and taking time out of his busy schedule to meet him.

President Kadyrov was very humbled and impressed by Imran Khan’s gesture and wrote in the message that the people of Chechnya esteemed PM Imran Khan’s visit with honour and respect.

Appreciating the stance Imran Khan has taken to defend Islam on global forums, he said, “I was profoundly and eagerly looking forward to meet you to express my gratitude for the stance you adopt for our religion [Islam] in United Nations and at world forums.”

President Kadyrov expressed his desire to meet Imran Khan again and said that they will be anxiously waiting for Imran Khan’s next visit to Russia.

Khan’s visit to Russia

Prime Minister Imran Khan had visited Russia on February 24.

During his visit, he held a one-on-one meeting with the President of Russia Vladimir Putin which caught everyone’s attention in the world.

Back in Pakistan, the Premier had to face serious criticism for his visit as it came during a crucial time when Russia decided to carry out “special military operations” in Ukraine.

However, as it turned out, the meeting was welcomed by various leaders of the Muslim world. Prime Minister, who has been hailed as the champion of the Islamic cause and who has spoken on various world forums on Islamophobia, is lauded by leaders like the Chechen President Ramazan Kadyrov.

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