Chappli Kabab, other traditional cuisines of KP attract foodies



With an advent of spring season in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the demand of traditional food including chappli kabab, mutton karahi and kabuli rice has increased manifolds in Peshawar where visitors enjoyed the mouthwatering cuisines on Sunday.

Known as the land of hospitality, Peshawar’s historic Qissa Khwani and Namak Mandi have plenty of food restaurants, shops and hotels of traditional cuisines that attract visitors in substantial numbers and families amid the pleasant change in weather.

Peshawar has been internationally acclaimed for its mouth-watering cuisines mostly brought by the invaders, kings and developed by the people after marching on historic Khyber Pass and later settled here. Peshawar being an ancient city of South Asia with about 3000 years old history, is home to chapli kabab, lamb Karahi cooked in pure lard and Kabuli rice. The painda shops of southern districts including DI Khan, Bannu and Lakki Marwat and slowly cooked beef roush and Kabuli pulao (rice) are being preferred by many foreigners. Renowned food Vloggers of world fame, Mark Weins of food channel Migrationology and Tevor James of Food Ranger having millions of subscribers also visited Peshawar where they enjoyed the traditional cuisines including Chappli Kabab, Matton Karahi and juicy lamb meat at Namak Mandi, Peshawar.

The famous dish is fried in a specially designed pan prepared in pure animal fat that gives a special aroma, salty taste and flavor to cuisine savored by food lovers. Almost every city of the province and bazaars of Pakistan have abounded cuisines shops where Chapli Kabab is prepared with meat of buffalo, special ingredients and spices on firewood in a cozy environment.—APP