Centre urged to reconsider AJK budget cut



Finance Minister of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Abdul Majid Khan has urged the federal government to reconsider the issue of cutting the AJK budget.

Abdul Majid Khan addressing a news conference in Islamabad on Sunday along with Parliamentary Secretary Transport Javed Butt said if the federal government did not reconsider the issue of cutting, the AJK government will present such a budget in which it will not be able to allocate funds for development work and increase salaries. He said under the financial agreement, the federation owes Rs 74.320 billion for the next financial year at a rate of 3.64 per cent, while the federation said it would pay only Rs 60 billion.

If such a cut is made then the development process will come to a halt, he added. He deplored that for the first time it was happening that a cut was being made on an abnormal budget. The government of Pakistan should review this matter, he stressed.—INP

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