CDA taking special measures to improve uninterrupted water supply


The administration of Capital Development Authority is taking special measures to improve uninterrupted water supply and particularly for improving ground water level in Islamabad. In this regard, the CDA management has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with PCRW and a comprehensive plan for recharging groundwater has been formulated. After the preparation and approval of PC-1 of this project, tenders were published in the newspapers and the bids received after that were also opened.

According to the details, with the assistance of PCRW, CDA Water Supply Department will construct 40 rechargeable wells in the first phase of this project out of which 35 rechargeable wells have been prepared while work on the remaining wells is in progress. Tenders have also been published in newspapers after completing other testing processes including identification of suitable sites for more 60 recharge wells. These measures will not only help in controlling the ground water level but will also help in providing uninterrupted water supply to the citizens of Islamabad. These recharge wells will be constructed in Sector I-Series, G-Series, F-Series and other sectors of Islamabad.

In addition, authority is also planning to construct more than 100 recharge wells in Islamabad in the second phase, which will be processed soon. Along with all these recharge wells, modern equipments will also be installed to keep the ground water clean collected from rain water. The first phase of the project will be completed before June on the direction of the management of the Capital Development Authority.

In addition, the Water Supply Department of the Capital Development Authority has also identified defects in the water system at various places in the city, including water leakages, which were causing water loss, saving more than ten million gallons of water per day. Due to these steps pressure in water system network has also been increased.

On this occasion, the management of the Capital Development Authority appreciated the steps taken by the Water Supply Department and said that other measures to be taken for uninterrupted supply of water in the city should also be further accelerated. In this regard, the CDA management has also appealed to the citizens to be careful in the use of water and to avoid wastage of water so that more water can be used by the citizens.


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