CDA starts construction work on Burma bridge


Staff Reporter

Capital Development Authority (CDA) has started construction work on Burma Bridge, Lehtrarr Road.
The project was stuck for several decades, however, after removing all impediments and completing codel formalities, incumbent management of the Authority has started the execution of the project. Due to its dilapidated condition the bridge was safety hazard on the busy Lehtrarr Road leading from Islamabad Expressway towards Tramari and Nilore area. Furthermore, traffic jams in the vicinity was also a regular feature.
Total estimated cost of the project was Rs.199 million, however, ensuring transparency in the tendering process and healthy competition, the work has been awarded at 3.97% below the estimated cost. Contractor after mobilizing machinery has started demolishing existing structure of the bridge while earth and protection work will be carried out side by side. The bridge will be 152 meter long and will be 11.5 meters wide. The project will be completed within one (01) year time.
Construction of bridge will not only resolve one of the longstanding issue in the Federal Capital but would also end the miseries of the residents residing in the locality and commuters. CDA management has directed the concerned officers to ensure quality of work and no laxity in this regard would be tolerated.