Cannibalic killings in Quetta


Nighat Leghari

THE brutal assassination of eleven labourers of Hazara Tribe in Quetta is a pondering point for the states and the people of Pakistan simultaneously. For the last many years Pakistan is in the cruel clutches of terrorism, and lost many parents leaving behind thousands of children orphan and destitute. Strange enough that now the terrorism has been stretched on whole of the globe, and even in the most developed countries. For example the current situation is in USA pushed the whole human community into a state of concern and confusion.
An alumnus fullbright scholar Zeshan Ansari from Florida Institute of Technology in his book “Simulation of suicide bombing” has analyses the background of terrorism. In his estimation, he analyzes that the truth is this that social injustice of many types has brought this havoc all over the world especially in Pakistan. Quoting many justices in the developed countries he says to my immense surprise while living in America, once while visiting the Disneyland in a queue, the Governor of Florida was second to me in the queue. He says we lack the ability to tolerate each other, we need to respect each other, to listen to opposing opinions and avoid conflicting views. Moreover in his estimation using some dense mathematics to predict the next terroristic attacks before it happens and adding more input to the database, we can save more and more lives and laceration. He elaborated many other techniques to prevent terrorism.
Providing a laugh line to the readers, I would like to quote an old Greek episode which is supposed to be related to the background of wilful deaths of terrorists “an old lady tried to teach her pet parrot to speak for many long years but in vane, one day the parrot suddenly quaked, “I cannot eat this food, this is full of insects” Can you speak? Cried the old lady, why you had not spoken anything in this long period? There was nothing to complain about up till today, spoke parrot.
After exploring the background of this turmoil of terrorism prevailing in Pakistan, that what are the motivation which force a human being to kill himself along with his fellow beings around him, I am of the opinion, setting aside the political aspects of conflicts of enmity of the countries with each other this is the open fact that the social segregation, the injustices, the poverty and down run of many necessities of life to the down trodden people of Pakistan has risen this trend in the youth who are now called as the Terrorist. The bringing up also plays a vital role to make a human being into a inhuman being. Good parenting can make a child a genuine human being. Moreover the western tendencies have divorced the religion from the life of youngsters because parents have no time to teach them Islamic teachings.
Parents are so much occupied with the worldly affairs that they have even no time for themselves to set any good example of religious rituals to their children. Media has raised a very negative and subversive attitude in the youth, motivated by violent movies they start their thrilling activities from toy gun and then they whipped out to the real ones. The other bad luck which brought a total ruin to us is abolishing the joint family system. The foremost advantage of this system was that the grandparents used to give full attention and love to them, while sitting in the cozy beds the grandmothers used to narrate the heroic stories of their chivalrous heroes of our history which inspired the grand children the chivalry, righteousness and urge of promoting their physical strength because physical strength always give a child boldness, confidence and prevents him of bad activities. Factually the un-Islamic and unbalanced system set by our governments nourished restlessness in the people and paralyzed the abilities of the individual. In Islamic system the ruler of a state has to perform his duty in a way that he is responsible to provide his people an economic satisfaction and spiritual elevation.
In Northern Waziristan almost every male member has got its own weapon which they use openly on very minor matters as a token of chivalry under an intrigue the US taking their this weaker point purchased these people and used them as a terrorist all over Pakistan. Starting a strategic game, the US propagated that all the terrorists are from the Northern Areas. The US claimed that to protect the Pakistani people and their human rights, it has used the latest technology of drone attacks in Pakistan.
—The writer is senior journalist, based in Germany.

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