Call for Zainab Alert Bill in all provinces


Staff Reporter
The National Assembly has passed the Zainab Alert, Recovery and Response Bill, 2019.
CEO of EHAD Omer Aftab has said that this legislation is a basic and an important step to create a safe
environment for the future of the country. Passing the bill is a good move but EHAD believes that
prevention is better than cure. The government, media and civil society must take some dedicated
measurements to educate and aware the parents, teachers and children about the security and safety of

children so that they can prevent these kinds of incidents.He said, there are some gaps if we see the bill
with the point of view of common people. First, the bill is introduced only for the Islamabad Capital
Territory.The bill must be passed by the provincial assemblies in order to be implemented in the
provinces as soon as possible. Secondly, the death penalty should have been added in the bill for sexual