CAA for in -flight announcement on trash disposal in tourist spots

Staff Reporter

Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) notified that from now onward in-flight the announcement is required to be made on passenger flights (all operators) to Gilgit, Skardu, Chitral, and Saidu Sharif for not throwing trash and disposables out in the open.

The CAA took the measure in order to protect the environment of the tourist hub of Pakistan—northern areas—as PIA has enhanced number of flights to Gilgit Baltistan from parts of cities.

The notification reads, “Pakistan, our motherland, is home to one of the most scenic and beautiful places in the world.

You are, at the moment, en route to witness the majestic beauty of Skardu/Gilgit/Chitral/Saidu Sharif (depending on flight destination).

As responsible individuals, hence all passengers are requested to please take very good care of not throwing trash and disposables out in the open when you disembark and visit these places. Such items may only be disposed off in trash bins placed indoors and outdoors.

Please play your part in the preservation of the beauty of our country Pakistan”.The notification was issued as per the direction of Director-General. This announcement should come into effect immediately. All operators to ensure compliance.

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